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“Keeko Robot” to join the rank of Educators in China


Keeko Robot has been introduced in more than 600 kindergartens across China. Keeko Robot, a 65 cm high autonomous artificial intelligence machine has been a hit in several kindergartens keeping kids engaged by telling stories and challenging the tiny tots with logic problems. The response generated from the giggles of children while working with the new Robot teachers assigned is giving great hope to the makers of Keeko Robot to expand and introduce these teachers of a new generation into Greater China and Southeast Asia.


Keeko Robot- An Artificial Intelligence Machine

Keeko Robot is a roundish, armless short educator with a screen for a face who zips around on wheels. The Robot possesses inbuilt cameras along with navigational sensors. They work like part storytellers and part problem solvers. Each time they get a right answer, the device reacts with delight flashing the heart-shaped eyes on its face.

Looking at this development in the field of artificial intelligence, it can be said that the generations to come shall witness the invasion of Robot Teachers in Chinese kindergartens. This can be termed as the transformation of China towards an Automated future or a Robot Revolution.

 The Robot Revolution

Last week, Beijing hosted the World Robot Conference, displaying machines that are capable of diagnosing diseases, play badminton and amuse the audiences with their musical skills.

Not only these Keeko Robot Teachers, China also shows off its artificial intelligence in the form of automated doctors and combat stars.

China hopes that these machines can revolutionize its economy with further advancements leading to “Automated Future”. These automated machines offer a possible way out with President  Xi Jinping in 2014 calling for a “Robot Revolution”.

The time is near when the artificial intelligence shall master in every field. Beijing is investing money along with manpower for developing artificial intelligence as a part of its “Made in China 2025” plan.

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The “MADE IN CHINA 2025” Plan

It is a Domestic Tech Plan that sparked an International backlash, announced by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in May 2015. He aimed to increase the competitiveness of China and move the country’s goods up the value chain. This plan seeks to raise the domestic consumption of the core components by 40 percent in 2020 and 70 percent by 2025.

Not only this china also wants to compete in the Advanced manufacturing by cutting its reliance on foreign technology. President Trump is against this Chinese strategy of  Made in China competing with Made in America. It is, therefore, leading to the continued economic development of China. This brings China into direct competition with the U.S.  This strategy “Made in China 2025” stands at the heart of the Trade War encouraging indigenous innovation in China.

China’s Strategic advancements

Nonetheless, a great Robot Revolution and a leap forward has already taken place. China is the world’s largest market for Industrial Robots. With approximate 141000 units sold last year as per the records of International Federation for Robotics. The report also states that the demand could further rise an additional 20 percent per year until 2020.

Earlier China used to focus on the accuracy, reliability of Robots. But now it focuses on their flexibility, intelligence, and adaptability.

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