Mumbai Police tweeted

Mumbai Police tweeted : Wear the helmets like “The Hulk”


Mumbai Police tweeted for promoting road safety and the use of helmets. This tweet of wearing helmets for safety used the image of a fictional superhero- The Hulk, wearing a helmet. The message conveyed by the Department was

“No matter how strong you are, Never forget to wear a Helmet!” 

However, the attempt was a success which has been criticized by the public. Mumbai Police tweeted # WearAHelmet which gained the attention of many. The Police Department had a clear aim that it might spread the use of helmets convincing the people about the safety and road rules.

The  Mumbai Police tweeted “Everything may not work with all the grave mistakes you make! One mistake and….#WearAHelmet”

Public reacted in a controversial way and re-tweeted with evidence against the lawmakers.

“Wear a helmet for yourself too,” said one of the users who tweeted as an evidence, two photographs of cops riding without helmets. Several campaigns and hashtags are in use to promote safety and the use of helmets like #SafetyFirst and #WearAHelmet. The message conveyed with the help of fictional characters and also virtual games may create a huge difference. With this aim, Mumbai Police Department is flooding Twitter with such posts.

“Care so much for your head in virtual life and not in real? Not the best game plan! No area may be safe without a helmet, so you must wear one” Mumbai Police tweeted.


This tweet by Mumbai Police asking the people to wear helmets became a controversial topic for many. Common men emphasized the ignorant behavior of the Top Bureaucrats and Lawmakers asking them to follow the same path as their countrymen.

Hope this applies for Mumbai Police too asking people to wear helmets. People claimed that the police and department are amongst the wilful offenders for the traffic violation. Therefore before asking the public, they should implement their own rules and amend their own systems to avoid criticism and to set an example for the masses.

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