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Impact of Congress-led “Bharat Bandh” : Congress v/s BJP

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Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi kickstarted the Bharat Bandh protest against the rising prices of fuel from Rajghat, New Delhi on Monday.

The Congress-led movement stimulated a mixed response. Both the parties slammed each other. Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi questioned Modi about all the unfulfilled promises he made to the country-men. He also questioned Modi’s silence on the striking and controversial issues. The issue includes the sky-touching prices of petrol and diesel. BJP also slammed Congress calling Bharat Bandh – a “flop show”.

Bharat Bandh Highlights

  • Bharat Bandh has become a controversial issue questioning other controversial issues like price rise and worst hit in INR.
  • Andhra-Pradesh government cuts VAT on fuel by Rs. 2 a litre from Tuesday.
  •  Farooq Abdullah targeted BJP over price rise of fuel.
  • 2- year old girl dies on way to the hospital in Bihar due to Bharat Bandh.
  • Also the worst hit of INR in the past 70 years, the problem of farmers and unemployment etc.

Impact of Bharat Bandh across states and cities –

The nationwide Bharat Bandh on Monday, declared by Congress against the fuel price rise gained the support of many parties.  This movement created little or no impact in Tamil Nadu. Autos and buses followed the schedule as normal days.  Puducherry witnessed shut down of various shops, trade houses, business, and commercial establishments etc. Theatres suspended the morning shows and many of the private schools declared a holiday.

People in Noida protested and burnt cars in parking lots. Streets of Kolkata witnessed deserted look during Bharat Bandh. About more than 15 crore workers were on strike in the national capital- New Delhi. Commuters in Delhi were affected due to the strikes by auto rickshaws and bus drivers. The Delhi Transport Corporation buses and Delhi metro operated in a normal manner.

The strike paralyzed West Bengal and created a huge impact in cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Thiruvananthapuram. The Bharat Bandh led to political conflicts in West Bengal. Most of the schools and colleges in capital Kolkata were closed.

Various Banks like SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC etc.have reported smooth functioning on Monday.  Kerala has been hit severely as public buses went off, Banks and various shops were shut.

This nation strike “Bharat Bandh” witnessed the participation of 17 trade unions to protest against “anti-labor, anti-people policies of Central Government”.

Decoding the Bharat Bandh impact, it created turmoil within the nation leading to political controversies against BJP and Congress and also many other parties.

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Congress calls for Bharat Bandh first time ever

Ashok Gehlot, general secretary, Congress, confessed that this movement was the need of the hour. The soaring petrol and diesel prices are disturbing the expenditure level of the masses, hence creating direct implications for the economy. Bringing the issue on the center table, Congress has tactically scored stating the worth of this movement for the “aam aadmi”. Congress leaders also claimed that this might not create an immediate impact but it surely will, in the long run. LK Advani, Leader of Opposition claimed that it is for the first time that mostly all the political parties participated in this Congress-led Bharat Bandh movement.

The government on Fuel Price Hike stated it a “Momentary Difficulty”. BJP slammed Congress for the shut down of various states and cities nationwide calling Bharat Bandh a “flop show”.



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