Beggars and Beggary in India

If you are reading this, feel priveleged | Beggars and Beggary in India


“A borrower who doesn’t return ” – Beggars and Beggary in India

If you are able to access the technological upgrades, the world of internet and fancy things – then feel yourself privileged. Thank your Parents, your family, and all your friends.

Because eventually, you ended up being in a good environment. Stop criticizing things which are so trivial and lamenting over not getting your favorite meal. Stop worrying about whether your most expensive dress fits you well.

There are thousands of lakhs of unprivileged -castaways, wretched, drifters or those whom we call “Beggars”.

Beggars and Beggary in India

Begging is one of the most important social issues in India. The moment you stop your car at the traffic signal, you see people of all ages especially small children coming towards you, covered with layers of dirt on their faces, running nose and hair all messy,  with a bowl in their hands asking for money. Even in many other public places like railway stations, near a hospital, near your homes, etc. This beggary is an outcome of poverty. Therefore Beggars and Beggary in India are a menace to the society.

You have what they don’t – feel privileged!

Scrolling down the images, tears also rolled down my eyes when I realized how privileged I am to have a big house as a ‘shelter’, variety of dishes as ‘food’, and a wardrobe full of brands and designer dresses as ‘clothes’.

How lucky We are to have a roof to cover ourselves, to have food that we waste and clothes too fancy and expensive to boast. When you look into the lives of Beggars and Beggary in India as their occupation, you will surely realize the difference. It is not a matter of choice for them. It is what makes all of the difference.


 “WE – the privileged” and “THEY- the unprivileged”

We live in houses with a flawless interior, a garden ‘ is a must’, they say, and also a swimming pool inside. Luxurious isn’t it? They dwell in streets to find a shelter, they sleep by the sides of roads (you will find them everywhere in India sleeping on footpaths) risking their lives. We get options for what our mouth tempts for. We spend lavishly on food. As per the trend, the Food that we order on our tables to take a picture of its “fancifulness” and post it on social media with a caption #foodie #foodislove etc. etc.. is the new cool. No, they don’t get such opportunities. I have seen beggars searching for food in dustbins, eating the leftovers of people and still thanking God for their one-time ‘meal’.

Beggars and Beggary in India

We have so much that we don’t even bother. Beggars and Beggary are quite common to see in a country like India. Beggary is considered a curse. Begging has grown at a significant rate in India. On an average, half a million people in India are beggars. It is not that we should feel pity for them. “Beggars and Beggary in India” needs to be abolished. Charity or Donating small amounts is no way to eradicate the chain of Beggary. Therefore, as a burning problem, WE, the privileged citizens of the country must combat the evil which is spreading its wings day by day.

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